We’re a Crowdfunding
Promotion Company.
We provide with confidence the products that meet the needs of customers and that are always on the shopping list. Our priority is to please our customers.


About us

The strengths of Soreine Trading
  • Market Research

    We have a lot of skills and knowledge how to approach Japanese backers, retailers, and online store for your innovative products that they never seen before.

  • PR

    We understand how important the initial sales to early adapters can be for your success. We attract attentions from a customer segment where people show great interest in new products so as to develop general sales more smoothly.

  • Understand Market

    We know how to import/export goods very well in Japan. We introduce new products to Japan, together with our partner who has engaged in import and export from countries around the world for years.

  • New Perspective

    We break down stereotypes, always pursue new sales approaches and will continue to provide differentiated management solutions to projects.

Our Service

  • Crowdfunding Promotion

    Crowdfunding Promotion
  • B2B Wholesale

    B2B Wholesale
  • Japanese EC Platform

    Japanese EC Platform