• Promotion 1


    Crowdfunding now, as a stage to promote products in Japan, is one of the websites that have received a lot of attentions. We are introducing and selling products that haven’t entered Japan yet to those conscious customers.

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  • Promotion 2

    B2B Wholesale

    Also, we approach wholesalers of major retail stores in Japan to promote and sell your products.

    • tokyu hanzu big camera
  • Promotion 3

    Online Shop

    Besides, we conduct promotional activities on those E-commerce sites which are familiar to Japanese consumers.

    • pc iphone
  • Promotion 4

    Tokyo gift show

    Moreover, we set up booth in Tokyo Gift Show, which is the biggest international exhibit for personal gifts and household goods in Japan, gathering 4,000 exhibitors in total and 300,000 buyers from department stores, wholesalers and etc.

    • gift photo