1.Crowdfunding Consulting

We provide consultation on promotional contents so as to convey the attractiveness of your products in a more effective way to the customer segment on crowdfunding where people are conscious about new products.

2.Website Design

You can entrust us to web design of pages for Japanese consumers, such as crowdfunding pages, landing pages and etc.

3.Project Management

We update project pages of products and respond to inquiries from customers.

4.Social Media Marketing

We also execute social media marketing strategy through creating Facebook pages and running prelaunch and campaign ads.


For the purpose of running more effective advertising, we analyse the data of our marketing strategy and measure its effect on a regular basis.

Crowdfunding In Japan

Crowdfunding is currently one of the hottest ways to promote products in Japan.

・Test marketing
We can see how Japanese customers would react to products before selling it to general.

・Media (newspapers, TV, magazines, web)
When the crowdfunding will succeeded, products will be featured on each media.

・Business results
Whether we have business results or not, this will affect our general sales.

We can gain publicity of products in Japan and create branding it.